SUNNY SIDE  Spotsylvania, Virginia


"The Property is an iconic 19th century Virginia Farmstead, consisting of open rolling fields, a house built in the 1800's with the typical period farmstead of classic barn and silo and agricultural buildings, and a pond.....

The Property is an excellent example of a surviving residential complex that demonstrates the ordeal the original of Spotsylvania's Civil War wartime population and was a destination for many prominent Confederate officers during 1862 and 1863....

The Property is mention in contemporary accounts of the Civil War and has been identified by representatives of the National Park Service as an important symbol of Spotsylvania County's cultural heritage and historic past, including the experiences of Spotsylvania County's civilian population during the Civil War....

The Property possesses significant historic, scenic, and open-space values, the preservation of which will benefit the citizens of the Commonwealth, which include, but are not limited to those described above.....

Above, from the Conservation Easement to the Virginia Outdoors Foundation



bulletHouse, Barn, outbuildings and 37 acres and a second house, which is subject to a life estate;
bulletAddress is:  10524 Courthouse Road, Fredericksburg, VA
bulletPrice is recently changed to:  $699,900, terms are cash;
bulletThe Property is shown by APPOINTMENT ONLY;

bulletAnyone desiring to view the Property must demonstrate financial ability;
bulletNotice is required to view the Property;
bulletContact the listing Agent representing the Seller; Alex Long, Weichert Realtors; 540.371.8700



bulletProperty is sold subject to a conservation easement to Virginia Outdoors Foundation;
bulletNo subdivision of the property allowed;
bulletNo 'commercial activity allowed'
bulletBuildings must be maintained as they are (exterior)
bulletPlease click HERE for a copy of the conservation easement
bulletProperty is zoned R-1, per Spotsylvania County ordinances;
bulletSpotsylvania County Zoning Office: (540) 507-7222
bulletProperty Tax Map # (need to identify property):   35-A-150-2
bulletPlease note that terms of the conservation easement control also;
bulletConsult your attorney for advice and interpretations;
bulletThe "stone house" at the corner of Courthouse and Leavells Road is sold subject to a life estate in the house and two acres.
bulletProperty is sold in "AS-IS" condition

Please click HERE for a copy of the news article on Sunny Side by Richard Amrhine, August 31, 2012, as found in the FREE LANCE STAR newspaper, the finest regional daily in Virginia.




Land use issues involve both Spotsylvania County and the Virginia Outdoors Foundation; check with both.

Please click HERE for a copy of the letter from VOF




A local Landmark

Main house circa 1817, well cared for;

Extensive curtilage and landscaping;

35 acres, mostly open

Protected by conservation easement

Low real estate taxes



Sunny Side Farm

Sunny Side Farm

Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Outstanding oasis of open space, close-in; 37 acre estate featuring gently rolling to level grasslands, pond, barn and antebellum house.  Protected by a conservation easement to the Virginia Outdoors Foundation. Priced at $750,000

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View from front door

"Inducted in 1979, Sidney L. Shannon opened the Shannon Airport in 1960. He was largely responsible for the growth of aviation in the Fredericksburg area, which in turn led to local business growth. In 1976 he opened the Shannon Air Museum, which housed his collection of antique and historic aircraft. His collection was donated to the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society and is on display at the Virginia Aviation Museum."

Hall of Fame Members:  Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society

Sidney L. Shannon, Jr.

Sidney Shannon was a pioneer in developing aviation for the Fredericksburg region.   Click HERE for an article from the Free Lance Star about Shannon Airport in the 1950's.   Before Central Park in the City of Fredericksburg, there was the Sheraton hotel, restaurant and golf course, which Mr. Shannon built soon after the arrival of Interstate 95.  It was the premier place to go for many decades, until stores replaced the golf course.



Mrs. Arvel Shannon began her life at Sunny Side in 1979.  Mrs. Shannon was a philanthropist and of the many gifts she gave to the people of Spotsylvania and the surrounding area was a conservation easement on the farm she loved. 


Why the Conservation Easement?

Mrs. Arvel P. Shannon wanted the farm kept open space as a visible reminder of what the countryside looked like when Spotsylvania County was truly rural.  She respected the history of the farm and wanted future generations to see what confederate and union soldiers saw as they marched to battle.

A history of the farm: click:  HERE.

A copy of the Conservation Easement: HERE




The barn and silo are classics

Outside of the barn must be preserved as it is, according to the conservation easement. 

An interesting question for the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, the easement holder, is if the interior of the barn can be changed to allow for adaptive reuse.

Above, the barn features a huge loft area;

Below, the silo is presents unique views.




Above, Spotsylvania County Tax Map of Sunnyside; 34.47 acres, Tax Map 35-A-150, is outlined in blue and is an approximation.

The main house, barns, outbuildings and rest of the grounds are not subject to a life estate and can be enjoyed by the Purchaser.

The 37 acres includes the two acres at the corner of Courthouse and Leavells Roads (Tax Map 35-A-150C); which is subject to a life estate; shown below. 

Below, is a bridge to the small island in the pond.













What can I do with the property?

The Trustee for the Estate and the Agent representing the Estate cannot speak for Virginia Outdoors Foundation or Spotsylvania County.  Therefore, it is necessary for the purchaser to make inquiries.


1)  First, terms and conditions as found in the Conservation Easement control.  Interpretations and application of the easement terms are from the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF).   Read the easement, as found above, and then call VOF if you have any questions.  Executive Office at (540) 347-7727

Easement DescriptionArvel P. Shannon (Grantor); May 13, 2006; Spotsylvania County, Virginia 

Easement Address:  10524 Courthouse Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 (Spotsylvania County)


2)  Spotsylvania County Zoning:  The property is zoned R-1, residential.

Troy Tignor is Spotsylvania County Zoning Administrator and can answer your questions about Zoning:  Phone # 540.507.7222.  

Chuck Floyd is a Planner and can answer questions about future land use, rezoning, and/or special use permits:  Phone # 540.507.7429


************  Please check with Spotsylvania County for updates to the Ordinances; other regulations may apply; Purchaser to make inquiries.


R-1 Zoning:     (source:  MUNICODE, August 2012)


Sec. 23-6.6.1. - Purpose and intent.

The purpose of the residential 1 (R-1) district is to provide for low-density, single-family detached residential uses in a suburban setting.

(Ord. No. 23-66, 10-24-95; Ord. No. 23-99, 2-12-02; Ord. No. 23-106, 11-25-03)

Sec. 23-6.6.2. - Permitted uses.

The following uses may be established as permitted uses in the residential 1 (R-1) district:

(1) Accessory uses, subject to the requirements of article 5, division 2 of this chapter;

(2) Dwelling, single-family, detached;

(3) Home occupations;

(4) Public uses;

(5) Quasi-public parks, playgrounds, athletic fields and related facilities;

(6) Expansion of a place of worship, but not expansion of the seating capacity in the sanctuary of such place of worship;

(7) Place of worship in a public or private school or a community building;

(8) Expansion of a public school in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan.

  (Ord. No. 23-66, 10-24-95; Ord. No. 23-114, 8-9-05)

Sec. 23-6.6.3. - Special uses.

The following uses may be established as special uses in the residential 1 (R-1) district, subject to approval by the board of supervisors in accordance with article 4, division 5 of this chapter:

(1) Assisted living facility;

(2) Bed and breakfast;

(3) Cemeteries;

(4) Child care centers;

(5) Civic, social or fraternal facilities;

(6) Golf courses, country clubs and clubhouses;

(7) Home enterprises as identified in section 23-5.4A.3;

(8) Keeping of horses on parcels of five (5) acres or more with a maximum density of one (1) horse for each one and one-half (1.5) acre of lot area;

(9)  Places of worship;

(10) Private schools;

(11) Public schools;

(12) Public utility light;

(13) Telecommunications tower.

(14)  Wetland mitigation bank.

 (Ord. No. 23-66, 10-24-95; Ord. No. 23-73, 8-12-97; Ord. No. 23-78, 2-9-99; Ord. No. 23-79, 4-13-99; Ord. No. 23-97, 10-23-01; Ord. No. 23-101, 6-25-02; Ord. No. 23-114, 8-9-05)

Sec. 23-6.6.4. - Development standards.

All uses and structures in the residential 1 (R-1) district shall meet the following development standards, except as this chapter may specifically provide otherwise:

(a) Density:

(1) Residential:

(i)  With public water and sewer: One (1) dwelling unit per two (2) gross acres and one dwelling unit per one and a half (1.5) gross acres in cluster subdivisions.

(ii)  Without public water or sewer: One (1) dwelling unit per two (2) gross acres.

(2) Non-residential: Floor area ratio of 0.2.

(i)  Floor area ratio limitation may be exceeded by means of a special use permit issued by the board of supervisors.

(b) Minimum lot area:

(1)  Residential:

(i)  Single-family detached dwellings with public water and sewer: Two (2) acres.

(ii)   Single-family detached dwellings without public water or sewer: Two (2) acres.

(iii)  Single-family detached dwellings in cluster subdivisions: Twenty thousand (20,000) square feet.

(2)   Non-residential:

(i)  Cemeteries: One (1) acre.

(ii) Places of worship: Two (2) acres.

(iii)  Private schools: Five (5) acres.

(iv)  All other uses: Two (2) acres.

(c)  Minimum lot width:

(1)  Conventional subdivision: One hundred (100) feet.

(2)  Cluster subdivision: Eighty (80) feet.

(d)   Minimum public road frontage:

(1)   Conventional subdivision: One hundred (100) feet, fifty (50) feet on a cul-de-sac.

(2)   Cluster subdivision: Eighty (80) feet, fifty (50) feet on a cul-de-sac.

(e)   Minimum yards:

(1)  Conventional subdivision lot:

(i)  Front yard: Thirty (30) feet.

(ii)  Side yard: Ten (10) feet.

(iii)  Rear yard: Thirty-five (35) feet.

(2)   Cluster subdivision lot:

(i)   Front yard: Twenty-five (25) feet.

(ii)   Side yard: Eight (8) feet, but a total minimum of twenty (20) feet.

(iii)   Rear yard: Twenty-five (25) feet.

(f)   Maximum height: Thirty-five (35) feet.

(g)  Open space:

(1)  Conventional subdivision: No requirement.

(2)   Cluster subdivision: Forty (40) percent.

(h)   General development standards: Refer to article 5.

(i)  Landscaping and screening: Refer to article 5, division 5.

(j)  Off-street parking: Refer to article 5, division 9.

(k)   Signs: Refer to article 5, division 8.

(l)   Curb, gutter and sidewalks: Refer to article 5 of the Design Standards Manual.

(Ord. No. 23-66, 10-24-95; Ord. No. 23-80, 4-27-99; Ord. No. 23-90, 2-27-01; Ord. No. 23-99, 2-12-02; Ord. No. 23-104, 3-11-03; Ord. No. 23-106, 11-25-03)

Please NOTE: Information and comments are not guaranteed in terms of accuracy and/or scope.  You are urged to independently verify and investigate any and all information and/or circumstances.

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