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Land  =  Survival

Land provides survival in many forms

Financial Survival: the stock market and gold are at historic highs; land values are down;

Physical and Mental Health:  walk, hike, hunt, fish, or just enjoy nature; feed your soul;

A refuge if our society falls apart:  The article, below presents an interesting perspective;

What will you and your family do in the city or crowded suburbs when the lights go out?  

Like it or not, its a fact... life in urban areas is about to radically change due to developments most people are not aware of. Find out what the issues are and what YOU can do to not only survive but also thrive.  Far from a “survivalist” film, Urban Danger takes a common-sense look at our roots, finding practical solutions to problems we face today. You will meet many people from all walks of life who show you the common-sense preparations they are making for difficult times ahead. And in the process, they have found a superior quality of life. They have found what “real living” is all about.


Agency Disclosure

Virginia law requires Agency Disclosure; whether an agent is working for the Buyer, the Seller, or as a dual agent with the written consent of both parties.  It is not necessary to have an agent represent you; but if you are a novice to real estate and/or the transaction is complicated, it is a good idea to have an agent represent you. A broker can designate an agent to represent another party. The broker at Weichert Realtors can designate a broker to represent you.  Details are found at the bottom of this page.

Rock Stop Farm on the pristine Rappahannock River

87 Acres

Will consider selling in two tracts


87 acres with some river frontage; $326k;

Rock Stop features open lands, a hardwood forest that is great to hike, or hunt.  Privacy is enhanced with high bluffs, low stream valleys, and a rural context.  River frontage features low bank.  All this only 25 minutes to downtown Fredericksburg.

Sunny Side Farm



Sunny Side Farm

Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Outstanding oasis of open space, close-in; 35 acre estate featuring gently rolling to level grasslands, pond, barn and antebellum house.  Protected by a conservation easement to the Virginia Outdoors Foundation. Priced at $699,900

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Waterfront properties are enjoyable for the views, immediate recreation at the shoreline, and great adventures provided on the journeys taken. 

Perhaps you have a small kayak, rowboat, or canoe; or perhaps a bass boat with large outboard motor, sailboat or yacht: the water is your highway to new worlds and experiences.

Rappahannock and Potomac rivers are named after the Indian tribes which once thrived along their banks.  Each river has its own personality and characteristics.  Each has a fall-line demarcation between the free flowing waters of the Piedmont and the tidal waters of the coastal plain.  




Some properties for sale:   

87 acres on the tidal Rappahannock River: Click HERE

5 to 21 acres on the Rappahannock River in the City of Fredericksburg:  Click HERE

"Rock Stop Farm" -

AWESOME 120 acres, mostly mature hardwoods with about 1,300 feet on the Tidal Rappahannock; $690,000; near historic city of Fredericksburg, hospitals, shopping & AMTRAK.

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"River Tract" - 5.8 acres fronting upon the Rappahannock River;  $220,000

A rare medium size tract directly on the river with about 400 + feet of frontage.  Low bank, allowing you to walk to the water.  Across from historic Port Royal.  This tract and its neighbors are subject to a conservation easement to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources which prevents further subdivision of the lots, etc.


"50 Acres" Located in north Stafford, near Stafford Courthouse and new regional hospital; $299,900


Own a unique stream valley.  You could hide a 12 story building in this stream valley which is about 100 to 150 feet below the higher elevation.  It is a unique world.  Near marinas and Aquia Creek.


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Agency Disclosure:

Virginia law requires all real estate agents to disclose for whom they are working.  Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by all the parties, with informed consent, Alex Long as the listing agent represents the Seller. 

There are the possibilities of Dual Agency or Designated Agency, as found in the disclosure forms.  Alex Long does NOT practice Dual Agency.

A broker can designate an agent to represent another party. The broker at Weichert Realtors can designate a broker to represent you.  Details are found at:  Click:   HERE .


Alex Long specializes in the sale of Farms, Estates, Land, and Commercial Properties in the Fredericksburg, Virginia Region, including:  The City of Fredericksburg, and Counties of Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford.

Alexander Long is the listing agent for the above properties, and hence represents the Seller. 

It is possible for Mr. Long to represent the Purchaser with regards other properties.


Alex Long has been a full time real estate agent since 1978, specializing in farms, land and commercial - industrial property.    Mr. Long earned his brokers license in 1986. 

Alex Long is a member of the Virginia Citizens Planning Association, the American Planning Association.

Mr. Long earned his Certified Commercial Member (CCIM) designation in 2001. 

Mr. Long is a member of Realtor Land Institute (RLI) and has earned the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation.

Mr. Long has also earned the American Institute of Certified (land) Planners  (AICP) designation from the American Planning Association.

The Virginia Association of Realtors (over 37,000 members) awarded Mr. Long the most outstanding land transaction award for the state of Virginia in 2005 for his accomplishments on the Idlewild project (mixed use, 400 acres in the City of Fredericksburg) AND in 2006 for Mr. Long's accomplishments in the $12,000,000 sale of about 200 acres zoned industrial to the Civil War Preservation Trust.

Farms, land, commercial and industrial development are specialties.

Please NOTE: Information and comments are not guaranteed in terms of accuracy and/or scope.  You are urged to independently verify and investigate any and all information and/or circumstances.

Mr. Alex Long, ALC, CCIM, AICP                  540.371.8700      Licensed in Virginia

Weichert Realtors 1955 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 201; Fredericksburg, VA 22401