Become a Land Baron

in North Stafford

50 Acres


The Subject tract is 49.725 acres; rounded off to 50 acres for brevity and poetic license.

Below, is a plat of survey of Subject.


Subject is zoned A-1, Agriculture

Stafford Tax Map # 40, Parcel 53E

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The Subject tract was select cut several years ago.  Even so, a number of large trees remain.

There are a few somewhat level terraces on Subject, the bottom photo is of one such area.

Price recently reduced for quick sale:  $299,900

Low, Low, Low Taxes......

Please note that the property is taxed in a category known as land use whereby the real estate taxes are reduced if the property is woodland for timber production. If the use is changed or divisions made, a 'roll-back tax' becomes due.  The Subject tract is sold in land use taxation and the Seller will pay no roll-back taxes.  Real estate taxes for 2006 were $54. however, the assessment was increased recently, so the taxes might double or more.

Stafford County web site with contact information:


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Location:  Subject is located in the northern part of Stafford County, just off Courthouse Road.

It is rare to find such a significant amount of land at such an attractive price in northern Stafford.

The Brooke Station of VRE rail express is about two miles from Subject.

Paynes Lane is a private road.  Please see the plat for details.

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About 4.5 miles from the intersection of Route 1 and Courthouse Road; about 5 miles to the new hospital (drive time 10 to 15 minutes, depending upon traffic).

Mary Washington Hospital is building a large regional care facility at Stafford Courthouse.


 A State-of-the-Art Hospital Center

( Located less than 15 minutes from the subject 50 acres )

Above, photo taken December 27, 2007


 Yes, there is a marina about a mile  from the property, and several other marinas nearby.


Above, Hope Springs Marina


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The Subject tract ranges in elevation from about 10 feet at the stream to about a 200 foot elevation at  Payne's Lane - that is a variance of about 190 feet.  Subject is an awesome tract in terms of its variation in elevation.  This is not a boring tract.   It is essentially a small valley.

Below, double click to view and print a copy of the U.S.G.S. topographic map with boundary of Subject approximately drawn. 


The topo is from the Widewater, Va. quadrangle, 1978.


A Lost World Found......

Hidden Valley ......


As noted above, the property is essentially a valley.  The trip from the high ground at the road, down towards the stream at the bottom of the valley, is a genuine adventure. 

The topography varies greatly.  There are very steep slopes and it seems as though you are traveling down a green grand canyon; and there are some gently rolling terraces from which to take it all in.

As you descend, down, down, towards the stream, it becomes more apparent that this is truly a world all unto itself. There are few, if any, intrusions from the modern world. This is the place to go to get away from it all. 

At a variance of about 190 feet, the valley is large enough to hide a 17-18 story building. The old logging roads have grown up in grass and brush, and the deer paths also require some pushing brush away, but the rewards found in the journey are well worth the effort.  There is flora and fauna to be found here in its natural state.  Some slopes are bare and offer a unique view; other slopes are less steep and support large hardwoods.

It is a hunter's paradise or a naturalist's dream.  The property was select cut about three years ago (most of the commercial grade timber that could be harvested, was).  However, there are a large number of hardwoods trees standing. It remains very attractive, especially away from the road and on the steep slopes where the loggers left the most trees. Near the stream can be found sedimentary rock with sea shell and other fossils, reminding you of the proximity of present day Aquia Creek and a world that was very different from what you see today. 



Some level land, mostly rolling to steep topography; great for privacy and hunting. 



The valley has a small stream at the bottom; as shown on the right.


Above, fossils at the bottom of the stream; there are also oyster shells about a half a foot across. It is a very unique stream valley.


And you too could own your very own Valley -

50 Acres......

own it;

Enjoy it;

hunt it;

look at it;

walk or hike it;

plant a vineyard at it;

build your home at it;

enjoy the privacy at it;

farm mountain goats at it;

contemplate at it, on it, and/or around it;

ask the government to allow building a lake at it;

..............(Your thoughts)...................................at it.........